10 Must-Try Free semrush Alternatives for Your Digital Marketing Strategy If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer you definitely need an SEO tool.

And you probably you already heard about Semrush which is packed with every Marketing tool.

With semrush, you can do pretty much everything such as keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink report, and site audit. And a lot more.

But the only problem is “Price”

Semrush starts at $119 and goes up to $449 which is quite expensive, for a beginner.

So the solution?

Semrush-free alternatives. (That means free SEO tools)

In this guide, I will show you 10 excellent free alternatives to semrush. Which can fulfill your marketing needs.

Google search console

Let’s start with the Google search console. If you are wondering google search console (GSC) is not an SEO tool, then you are definitely missing an opportunity.

GSC is a great free semrush alternative that is direct from Google itself. so you know it’s legit.

It can show you how your site performing in search engines. And if your site has any technical error, for example, “Mobile useability”

Mobile useability is one of the ranking factors of google. always keep 0 error. if you get any error then fix it as soon as possible.

That is not enough, using GSC you can find keywords where you rank on google. also, find some opportunity.

For example. recently I published a blog post called “semrush-related tools”, then I got many impressions from related keywords.

One of them is “Ahrefs free alternative” and now (When I am writing this post) I don’t even have any ahrefs related posts.

Now I can write about this.


Ubersuggest is packed with some interesting tools such as keyword research, backlink report, rank ranking, and so on.

it has a tool called “Backlink opportunity” with this tool you can find amazing backlink opportunities.

It shows you websites that link to your competitor but not you.

For using this all you need to do is just enter your and your competitor’s domain.

Then it shows you the list.

Addisnoly, Ubersuggest has a “Chrome extension” that shows some basic information without even manual research.

Install it on your browser.

with this, you can check the Domain overview, Keywords by traffic, Backlinks, and SEO analyzer.

Ultimately, Ubersuggest is a great tool but they give a couple of searches in a day. This is the only problem.

Similar web

SImiler web allows you to analyze a website They offer some basic information such as traffic, demographics, and visitors by country.

If you want a tool for domain analysis then it might help you in some cases.

Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is officially a google keyword research tool. That is available in google ads manager.

It allows you to find long-tail keywords.

Search your keyword, and its shows you data that comes from google.

But this is different, here you will see like 100k-1M. which is super inaccurate but still as in starting it can help a lot.

(I have personally used it )

Also, the keyword difficulty (KD) is not like other tools. It shows (LOW’ Medium’ High)

Ultimately, You can combine this with Ahrefs free tools. Which is our next tool.

Ahrefs free tools

Ahrefs free tools can be best for keyword research or any other marketing use. But in case you don’t know about ahrefs has free tools.

Then go to ahrefs.com and scroll down to the bottom then you’ll see some free tools.

They have nearly every tool that a beginner needs such as a keyword research, backlink checker, SERP checker, Rank checker, and so on.

let’s take the example of a keyword generator.

“Click on keyword generator” and enter your keyword.

Now it shows you keywords with “Volume” and “KD”

And with using of a keyword difficulty checker, you can estimate the number of backlinks you need to rank in the top 10.

Here it is.

Don’t forget to use the Ahrefs webmaster tool (AWT)

This is an amazing webmaster for free. Almost every piece of information on your website you can check here.

Also, they provide better site audits for free, here you can fix the Technical SEO of your site.

Answer the public

Answer the public is a different SEO tool. Most SEO Tools get their data from Google keyword planner.

But Answer the public (ATP) is different. How?

ATP shows you popular questions that people ask on Blogpost, social media, and forums websites.

And turn those questions into great keywords.

It also shows “volume” and “KD”

Scroll down and you’ll find “versus” keywords

By using Ahrefs free keyword generator, you can see the volume and KD.

Cool right?

Exploding topics

So what are Exploding topics?

Exploding topics is a website where you can find trends before they “take off”

Google trends also do this but in google trends, you have to know “What you are searching for”

Now here come Exploding topics.

by using categories, you can find topics you want.

You can Subscribe to their newsletter for weekly topics in your Inbox. GREAT.


SERPerator allows you to check SERP in different countries on any keyword you write.

By using this you can check your ranking or ads in other countries. and other stuff.


And mobile

KW finder

KW finding isn’t totally free. they give you a 10-day free trial then you have to buy a plan.

But in 10 days you can use it free with a limit. every day you get some limited searches.

Overall, you can use it for Backlink analysis, and keyword research for 10 days. After that you can continue if you want. by paying $29.


Moz.com is a great Semrush-free alternatives that also provides some free SEO tools like Ahrefs.

Moz has these free tools.

  • Keyword explorer
  • Domain analysis
  • Link explorer

Their link explorer allows you to check the backlink profile of any website or your own website. and find more backlinks opporchunity.

And keyword explorer helps you to find keywords for free. But they give you some limited searches in a day.


If you are a beginner then it’s super important to get any SEO tools. So that’s why I made this post.

Generally speaking, Free SEO tools can be great if you use them properly.

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